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SKU Brand Name Price Add
MP50 KIMO Manometer £70.00
MP51 KIMO Manometer £70.00
MP55 KIMO Atmospheric Pressure Meter £70.00
MP130 KIMO Impermeability Manometer for gas network £70.00
MP110 KIMO Manometer £70.00
MP111 KIMO Manometer £70.00
MP115 KIMO Manometer £70.00
MP200 KIMO Thermo-Anemo-Manometer £70.00
MP112 KIMO Manometer £70.00
KCC320 KIMO Atmospheric Pressure Datalogger £70.00
KPA320 KIMO Atmospheric Pressure Datalogger £70.00
ET-920 ATP 2psi Pressure Meter £70.00
ET-921 ATP 5psi Pressure Meter £70.00
510 Testo Differential Pressure Meter £70.00
510i Testo Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter £70.00
312-2 Testo Pressure Meter £70.00
312-3 Testo Pressure Meter £70.00
312-4 Testo Pressure Meter (Water/Gas) £70.00
511 Testo Absolute Pressure Meter £70.00
512 Testo Pressure Meter £70.00
521-1 Testo Differential Pressure Meter £70.00
622 Testo Hygrometer w/ Pressure Indication £70.00
MAN30 Amprobe Differential Pressure Manometer up to 30 psi £70.00
MAN15 Amprobe Differential Pressure Manometer up to 15 psi £70.00
MAN02-A Amprobe Differential Pressure Manometer up to 2 psi £70.00
Band Name Price
P1 Barometer/Manometer/Pressure Meter £70.00

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