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SKU Brand Name Price Add
LV50 KIMO Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
VT50 KIMO Portable Anenometer £70.00
MP120 KIMO Manometer £70.00
VT110 KIMO Hotwire Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
VT115 KIMO Hotwire Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
LV110 KIMO Vane Probe Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
LV111 KIMO Vane Probe Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
LV117 KIMO Vane Probe Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
LV130 KIMO Vane Probe Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
MP210 KIMO Thermo-Anemo-Manometer £70.00
VT200 KIMO Thermo-Hygro-Anenometer £70.00
VT210 KIMO Thermo-Hygro-Anenometer £70.00
DBM610 KIMO Airflow Meter £70.00
GMBD KIMO Velocity Grid Airflow Meter £70.00
CTV100 KIMO Hot-Wire Air Velocity Meter £70.00
CTV210 KIMO Hot-Wire Air Velocity Transmitter £70.00
CTV310 KIMO Hot-Wire Air Velocity Meter £70.00
MT-905C ATP Mini Vane Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
ET-935 ATP Vane Velocity Volume Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
ET-955 ATP Velocity/Volume Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
ET-961 ATP Hot Wire Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
DT-8880 ATP Hot Wire USB Logging Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
LM-81AM ATP Pocket Vane Anenometer £70.00
3000 Kestrel Waterproof Pocket %RH Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
2500 Kestrel Waterproof Pocket Thermo-Anenometer w/ Pressure £70.00
2000 Kestrel Waterproof Pocket Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
1000 Kestrel Waterproof Pocket Anenometer £70.00
DT-619 ATP Vane Velocity/ Volume Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
DT-318 ATP Flexible Thermo-Anenometer £70.00
417 Testo Vane Anenometer £70.00
410-1 Testo Compact Vane Anenometer £70.00
416 Testo Vane Anenometer £70.00
410-2 Testo Compact Vane Anenometer w/ Humidity £70.00
415i Testo Blueetooth Thermo-Aneometer £70.00
410i Testo Bluetooth Vane Anenometer £70.00
115i Testo Bluetooth Clamp Thermometer £70.00
552 Testo Bluetooth Digital Vacuum Gauge £70.00
922 Fluke Airflow Meter £70.00
Band Name Price
AF1 Anenometer/Thermo-Anenometer £70.00

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